Place de la Reine Jeanne

1st February 2020 saw the official inauguration of a new square in old Lorgues. Not far from the Tower of the Citadel (also called ‘Queen Jeanne’s Tower), the space was the result of a old house which had been pulled down. In its place a wild garden grew up, shaded by an ancient fig tree, but which caused complaints from the residents around it as a breeding ground for mosquitos.

Rather than erecting another building, other ideas were put forward. The municipality is very ready to create green spaces in the old town; it acquired the land and began to work on the project. The ASFVL suggested the name Place de la Reine Jeanne (Square of Queen Jeanne) which was accepted.

The old fig tree was preserved, paving was laid, an old fountain moved to form a centrepiece, flowers were planted and benches installed.

M. Alemagna, maire de Lorgues, and Sabine Grouiller, president of the ASFVL, welcomed a crowd of around 50 people. The speeches were followed by a very much appreciated aperitif.