A new bell for St Honorat

Saint Honorat is one of the chapels which surround Lorgues like a protecting belt. All the others have their bells, but Saint Honorat has been mute for more than two centuries until now. Thanks to the work of the ASFVL, in collaboration with the municipality and the parish, a new bell has been installed.

The small bell (it only weighs 12 kg) is named Honorée, after Saint Honorat, founder of the Abbey of Lérins and later Bishop of Arles where he generously distributed bread to the poor. It is decorated with a frieze of grapes (the vines of Lérins) and bread. Also inscribed on the interior of the bell are the words “I am Honorée, voice of the district of the Réal Calamar. I was cast in 2019 on the initiative of the Friends of Saint-Ferréol. C. Alemagna, mayor. A. Boussand, canon.”