Nineteenth-century Lorgues was marked by prosperity, during which the population rose to around 5,000. Many large houses were built along the Boulevard de la République, a grand Mairie was also built and a large public school building erected.

The war memorial was erected in 1921 in a garden on the site of today’s Marius Trussy Square. War trophies – a cannon and four shells – contributed to its decoration. When it was decided in 1958 to level the garden at street level to make a square, the monument was moved to the Place d’Antrechaus, at the top end of Boulevard de la République, where it stands today, although without the war trophies.

There are many old buildings in Lorgues which have been converted from their former use. For example, the Cultural Centre was once a convent. In 2011 a new fountain, the Fountain of the Young Ladies (La Fontaine des Demoiselles) was erected in front of the town hall.

Much work has been done to make the older part of the town fit for the 21st century without destroying its character. In the medieval part of the town, new squares have been created where older buildings have had to be demolished. The latest, inaugurated in February 2020, is the Square of Queen Joanna (Place Reine Jeanne).